It started as a conversation about what time we should have dinner on Thanksgiving this year. I asked my husband, because in years past, when he was young and hearty, he wanted to have dinner in the afternoon so he could work up an appetite for a turkey sandwich before bed. As he is an old guy now, I thought he might want to vote for having dinner at, you know, dinner time, foregoing the sandwich until lunch the next day.

Something went wrong, and the conversation took a turn for the worse.

First, he asked what activities we should partake in. Yes, we are having another couple over. I pointed out that the activities would be me cooking and us eating. Period. We have never had any other activities on Thanksgiving. No games. No hikes. No special topics.

Then, he launched into what I dread as his “brainstorming” mode. First, he suggested maybe we have a different menu. Something perhaps, from another culture. I retorted that

  1. It is NEVER a good idea to have people over for a meal that you have never made before, and
  2. It is bad enough making the usual meal and fixings, and if he wants ceviche or something, then HE can make it

This took a turn for even worse. He suggested that we have the actual meal that the Pilgrims had. I became incensed. “You are wanting to have dried corn, clams and mussels, some sort of wild, stringy bird, dried fish, and God knows what else? You have a shellfish allergy, for starters!”

He mused further. “What about dressing up?”

“AS PILGRIMS? HAVE YOU LOST YOUR MIND??? This is a meal. A heavy meal. That is all. We don’t even say grace! So now you want to turn it into some sort of costume party?”

“I am just brainstorming.”

I reminded him that all I asked is what time we should have dinner.

“I though you maybe wanted to change it up this year.”

Yes! Yes! Change it up! I gave hime three options:

  1. He cooks
  2. We order one of those already done meals from the grocery or a restaurant where you just go there and pick it up
  3. OR, BETTER YET–we find an open restaurant that serves Thanksgiving dinner and we make reservations

The conversation ended. However, he still looks thoughtful. This is a concern.

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