These people are my favorites. There is a phenomenon that has been well documented that  explains how it is that somehow, we seem to “almost” love our grandchildren more than we loved their parents when they were growing up. I feel pretty safe in saying this here, because neither of my children read anything I write.

I was flabbergasted when little Charlie was born at how I adored him. As a matter of fact, I overheard his mother telling his aunt that when Charlie says “Jump!” Mom says “How high?” That about explains it. And although Birdie is still too young to issue any requests to her grandma, I am sure my response will be exactly the same.

These children are charming. They have  megawatt smiles. They are NOT spoiled one bit. However, I do bring them presents every time I come. They don’t ask for them. No. I just feel the need to give them things.

These children are smart. They both knew how to delete items from my iPhone before they could crawl. Birdie may have been born swiping. They love books. Blueberries and watermelon are favorites, and let me tell you, they share. 

I know that I will be exhausted when I get home, but it will be the kind of tiredness that I am thankful to have. My arms will be sore from hugging and lifting. My legs will be sore from chasing. But my heart will sing!

So. I am off to Los Angeles for Labor Day weekend. I won’t be posting until after that. Have a great holiday, everyone.



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