When you don’t work outside the home any more (thank goodness), vacation takes on an entirely new meaning. We don’t go on vacation to get away from anything. Honestly, life here at home is almost too restful. I have to work myself up in order to vacuum, for God’s sake. So a vacation is an excuse to get my metabolism moving. Because, when we go to North Carolina for a family reunion soon, we are filling up the car with stuff to do. Here are the sorts of things we are bringing.

  • A bubble machine and bubble solution. You know, for the grandkids.
  • An entire Bingo game set, and I am not kidding–it’s professional. We got it from a church supply place.
  • Three dozen Bingo daubers. At least a hundred Bingo cards.
  • Beach towels, in case the proprietors of the house we are renting thinks four beach towels are sufficient.
  • Bingo prizes, including two of my books. Never miss a promotional opportunity.
  • Golf clubs.
  • A high chair.
  • A Pack and Play play pen, for Birdie to sleep in. She knows how to climb out, so that should be interesting.
  • Two inflatable beds.
  • Twenty five personalized tote bags-we expect 50 attendees at this family reunion.
  • Assorted new toys from the toy store. Grandmas always bring gifts; it’s a law.
  • Luggage.
  • Sheets and pillows for the inflatable beds.
  • Games.

I am not sure this is enough, but I still have a few days to plan.

We will need rest after the trip. Thank goodness we are retired.

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