The days. The nights. The news. It’s all bad. Some days are worse. How can we be living in this nightmare? No matter how many cute masks I buy, no matter how sunny it is outside, the truth sometimes manages to knock me right down.

Four years ago, none of us could imagine what would transpire. Few of us were politics junkies. Nobody worried about getting too close to another person in a check-out line. How did things go upside down so fast?

I stay sane. I stay home. We watch a lot of television, so much that we are running out of shows. Mealtime is the most exciting part of the day. My apartment is clean, all of the time, because Swiffing is now a daily activity, something to pass the time.

Then, I go out to pick up my curbside groceries, and I see people walking in clusters, chatting and laughing, not a mask in sight. Parking lots at the shopping areas are full. People are going to salons and getting pedicures, while my feet get gnarlier by the day. Who are these carefree people? How are they managing to avoid being scared to death?

We live near University of Dayton. The students are coming back. I bet they are bringing COVID right along with them. I wonder how the shops near campus feel-they are happy for the renewed business, but afraid of their customers?

And then I think about the election, the Post Office, and the disaster that trying to sort out who will be the next POTUS-will that take months to figure out? How will we know if this election is legitimate?

Too much. So I go for a walk, pet the kitten, and make macaroni and cheese for dinner. Salvation may be measured in carbohydrates.

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