I have been writing this blog for at least ten years. There are people who read my blog. I have no idea how many of you there are out there. Some writers/authors/bloggers do so to “build their platform.” A platform is defined as one’s “footprint” on the internet. You know–the amount of people who know who you are as a writer, the number of folks who, if someone mentions your name, say “Oh yes! Molly Campbell! She is a writer, isn’t she? I have read her books! I follow her on Twitter! I read her blog!”

In order to know how many people out there in the world would say that about me, there are tools. Tools writers use to track their impact.  Google Analytics is one of them. If you go on it, Google will tell you exactly how many people read your blog. How many read it today. Or how many did so last year. I have no intention of finding that out.

There are two possible scenarios here. The first one is that I might discover that millions of people read my blog! Of course, my next question would be “Why haven’t you all bought my books?” The answer to that is obvious: millions of people do not read my blog or buy my books.

Second scenario, much more likely: I have, on the conservative side, maybe two dozen readers. This isn’t encouraging. However, I am forever indebted to the twenty-four or so of you who have stuck by my side all these years. You are the best people. Heck, it is even possible that I have more than twenty-four readers, and this is what I like to believe. I like to think that there are hundreds of you out there, scattered all over the United States, and maybe even one or two of you in Australia or Finland, who log on each week to hear about what is on my mind. I like to imagine that my name might come up, maybe,  in a Starbucks in Des Moines or a cafe in Helsinki.

I daydream that a woman in Paris might just pull up the collar of her cape and bend into the winter wind, in order to hurry home to her appartement to log on to my web site. Or I picture a harried housewife in Paducah, sick of unloading the dishwasher, who can’t wait for my next post. This could actually be true! Do I really want to check my analytics to find out? Of course not.

So to all of you out there, cheers! Thank you for your loyalty. I will keep on writing, as long as you continue reading. The fact that I have no idea how many or few of you there are is what keeps me going. Ignorance. Bliss.

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