I can’t tell you how many people have made suggestions about what I should post on this blog. I have taken a few of their suggestions. However, I thought I should comment on some of the things I have decided against. This is perhaps a cautionary tale to those of you out there who are just starting out as bloggers. After all, I am an expert. Nine out of ten Doctors agree.

  • I am certainly not afraid of embarrassing my husband. However, I do draw the line at telling stories about his underwear or what foods give him gas. I have been married for forty five years. This may just be the reason: knowing where to draw the line. (I don’t serve lentils any more. Enough said)
  • That crazy woman in the doctor’s waiting room? The one who brings her harmonica with her? Don’t give in to temptation. She may turn out to be your son’s guidance counselor.
  • I know it’s a great story. The one about your neighbor who lost his cat, the one you kept at your house for weeks, looking for the owner? And when you discovered that the cat lived a block away, and you took it back? And the guy said, “Oh, you can go ahead and keep him?” Don’t blog about that.
  • The braggy posts? Try to avoid telling the world about your new Tesla, or the unbelievable vacation you are planning to Paris, Copenhagen, and Prague. Save that for Facebook, where everyone’s lives are grossly exaggerated on the positive side. Oh, and for the record, Facebook braggarts: Taye Diggs follows EVERYBODY on Twitter.
  • The best blog posts are short. Save your innermost thoughts and emotions for poetry. Unless your innermost thoughts and emotions can be expressed in twenty words or less.
  • They say that multimedia is the latest thing in blogging. You know—YouTube videos, photos, Gifs, and such. I have no idea how to put those in my posts. But you should learn.
  • Always try to leave them with a positive thought. Don’t be a downer—we have the news for that. For heaven’s sakes, we don’t want to hear about your cellulite, or that strange looking mole.
  • Check any quotes for veracity.
  • Remember, your neighbors might be reading your blog—don’t name names.
  • Words to live by? Ok. Maybe. If you can pull off inspirational, by all means, go for it.  

“Don’t worry, be happy.” Abraham Lincoln

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