The shelves of my refrigerator are cluttered. There is either barbecue sauce or ketchup dried on one shelf. The door is so full of condiments it isn’t even funny. But I can justify everything in there.

But way in the back of the top shelf is a container of plain yogurt.

I despise yogurt.

So, how did it get there? I do all the grocery shopping, and I would never voluntarily think we should all of a sudden begin consuming yogurt, especially not the kind without fruit in it. The fruity variety is bad enough, but the plain stuff tastes like sour paste.

Did I think I should put the yogurt in something? Like pancakes? But we don’t eat pancakes. I don’t make muffins, either.

I am sure that nobody gifted this yogurt to us.

The cat doesn’t eat yogurt.

Was I thinking about making something in yogurt sauce? We like cucumbers in that creamy sauce with dill. However, I don’t have a recipe for that. So did I buy the yogurt thinking I would look one up? But I didn’t buy any dill. So it couldn’t be that.

Was their a dinner we might have had that involved yogurt, like some sort of marinade or maybe a food show suggested that next time we mashed potatoes, we should put yogurt in?  The thing is, I don’t watch cooking shows.

This will haunt me, this yogurt.

I threw the yogurt in the trash. And beside the trash can, I noticed a Glade Plug-In.

We have poltergeists is the only explanation for all of this.

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