Can a fan letter lead to a publishing deal? Yes, it can! Here is the story behind the story behind the story, as told by my publisher, Lou Aronica of The Story Plant, and me! First, Lou:

Our Story Behind the Story Behind the Story today is a particularly fun story to tell. I met Molly Duncan Campbell because she sent me a lovely note after reading my novel BLUE. I wrote Molly to thank her and we got into a bit of an email exchange, during which she introduced me to the wonderful flash fiction she’d been writing about characters that leapt into her head. I asked the obvious (to me) question, “When are you going to write a novel?” Molly responded as though the thought never entered her mind. However, once it did enter her mind, it took up residence there, and over the course of the next eighteen months or so, KEEP THE ENDS LOOSE emerged. Molly writes about her inspiration for it here:

What made me want to publish KEEP THE ENDS LOOSE? I’m sure the answer is obvious: Molly said she liked my novel BLUE. Well, that and that she just does a remarkable job with characters. When you read a Molly Campbell novel, you’re living in it because the characters are so real. I find that if I care enough about a book’s characters, I can get by with little or no story, but Molly created a story about family secrets that I just loved. That was just the icing on the cake.

I know a number of you have read KEEP THE ENDS LOOSE, and I’d love to hear your thoughts about it. And for the rest of you, the e-book is just $2.99 this week. Just saying…

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