Another pandemic winter looming. Last winter was tough, because I wasn’t prepared to be locked in. Nobody was. So I vowed this year would be different. I need a hobby!

I spent one desperate afternoon looking for one. Here are the things I researched and the reasons why I rejected them:

  • Knitting and crocheting. My daughters both do that. One of them is at the “expert” level. She can knit or crochet Christmas stockings, sweaters, gorgeous throws for the sofa, and my God, she even crocheted little pumpkins for her daughter’s daycare (socially distanced) Halloween party. So why learn this? Gilding the lily.
  • Puzzles. I have a kitten.
  • Wood burning. That consideration lasted only a split-second. I thought of the west coast wildfires, and didn’t want to be responsible for midwest wildfires.
  • Felting. But the description mentioned that there would definitely be what they euphemistically termed “a learning curve.” No way.
  • Building kits. What would I build? Would this require math skills and/or precision use of an Exacto knife? Dangerous and also way above my ability level. I know myself.
  • Macrame. Oh, my God. I would be lost in the 70’s forever.
  • Beading. See “kitten,” above.
  • Painting kits. I would LOVE to do that! To paint silk scarves, make wrapping paper, and wall art. Then I realized that I live in a beautiful apartment with pristine floors and counters. Paint drips and splatters would be frowned upon.

I did find a kit I will try. It was on the Crafts for the Little Ones area of my Amazon app. I got a dozen sheets of stamped beeswax and twelve accompanying wicks. All I have to do is roll them up, and voila, CANDLES! This will kill a good twenty minutes!

The quest continues.

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