There is one magical bun. He is very soft and gentle, but he hops terrifically fast. The expression “hops like a bunny” is about him. He is the bun who brings all the Easter eggs and hides them around your backyard. On cold days, he hides them in your house. Some of the eggs are the ones you colored two nights ago with your mom while your dad checked his emails. The other ones are plastic and have jelly beans inside. You hate the licorice ones!

You might wonder why the bun brings eggs instead of an Easter Chicken. Kiddo, that is a mystery that will never be solved.

Easter is fun, because of the EASTER BASKET. The bun hides that in a really tough hiding place, where kids never go. So look in your laundry hamper. Or check under the sink in the kitchen.

The Easter Bun is trying to get you healthy, so if there’s a toothbrush or a box of raisins in there, try to act happy about it.

There will probably be ham for dinner with the hash brown casserole from Gran. Don’t be a fusspot-eat two bites of ham and sneak the hash browns into your napkin. Then casually knock your milk glass over, and nobody will expect you to finish dinner. Your mom will sigh and tell you you can go and watch TV but only eat THE EARS off the chocolate bun in your basket.

It’s a hoppy bounce day, isn’t it?

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