It’s here. The release of my second novel, officially out on May 9. Of course, the paperback has been shipping for about two weeks, but the eBook won’t release until the 9th. I cannot believe that this is book three for me.

I didn’t even imagine when I started blogging over a decade ago that this would happen. There are many people to thank. They know who they are! I am starting on another novel, but as it takes me about two years to finish one, this is it for a while.

On another, more pleading note, do you know how important book reviews are to authors? Especially on Amazon, the titan of all booksellers. At 50 reviews, a book is boosted up in the algorithm so that more readers see it. Over 50, and the book gains credibility as one that is worth reading. Thus, more opportunity for sales. Let me tell you in a few short steps how to review a book there:

  1. Sign in to your Amazon account.
  2. In the search bar, search for a book you want to review: Crossing the Street, of course!
  3. At the moment, because the eBook is still not “out,” be sure you choose the paperback version of my book. After the 9th, this is immaterial
  4. Click on the little underlined Write a review.
  5. Write a short review. No need to summarize the plot. Just say what you liked about the book. A few sentences is all you need.
  6. Write a headline for your review.
  7. Give the book “stars” from one to five, five being the best.
  8. Click “submit your review.”

THAT IS ALL YOU NEED TO DO TO HELP ME AND OTHER AUTHORS YOU LIKE! If more people did this, I might be raking in the dough. That is an exaggeration, as dough-raking is definitely not something most writers get the chance to do. But this time around, I am hoping for some good sales. I put my whole self into this baby!


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