Why do flies know when the patio door is opened for just a second?

Does Siri mind it when my husband keeps calling her Alexa?

Who eats a single ear of corn on the cob?

Did they really change the name of Cracker Jack to Cracker Jack and Jill?

Why do rubber shoes that look like they are for old ladies cost $295? Geez. Or I should say Yeez.

When will Tom Cruise look his actual age?

Why are grandchildren so full of energy? They don’t eat anything. Get them a burger and fries and they will eat exactly two bites of the burger and four fries. They they run the equivalent of a marathon in the next two hours. This is not a rhetorical question; how do children DO this?

Can anyone come up with a simple explanation of what is the stuff that comes out of fireworks that turns them colors? I Googled that. I didn’t get past the first sentence. So I just told my granddaughter it was a magic spell.

Do you still wear a mask at the grocery?

If you sit on a stray blueberry on your white sofa, how many swear words will you mutter?

How long does it take for you to get over the gut-wrenching sadness when your grandkids leave to go back home to California?



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