I am taking a small hiatus to work on my newest book!

Here is a letter I got from a fan–what a thrill! If you would like to get a copy of Keep the Ends Loose, there is a link on the right! See you very soon! Molly

Hi Molly–Your debut novel was certainly worth waiting for.  I’m familiar with your essays which won Bombeck awards, and I’ve been reading/enjoying your weekly blog for several years now. So, I was expecting some interesting reading when I opened Keep the Ends Loose.  And I found it.

Miranda is a quirky and believable character.  In fact, all the characters that live inside the pages of the book are.  As startling as the secret is–the story is plausible and unpredictable.  Once the secret spills out it causes emotional mayhem for everyone in the family.  Miranda doesn’t know what to think about her mother anymore, and she feels that her dear father has been duped all these years.  She even feels sorry for her very confused brother who is devastated by the news.

The plot could make for a really dramatic soap opera, but in your hands it does not.  Instead it becomes one rather ordinary family’s adventure in doubt, betrayal, confusion, self discovery, and second chances with a bit of oddball humor thrown in.  You have given your readers a lot to think about and have entertained them along the way.

Most of my reading is non fiction, but I really enjoyed Keep the Ends Loose.

Best of luck with your new novel!

Carole Turner

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