Things have deteriorated.

Hell, here’s a list

  • We have five dozen eggs
  • Oh, and all those Facebook friends posting pics of their blueberry pancakes
  • I am not supposed to have carbs
  • I hate puzzles
  • I cried when it came to me that I may have to teach my husband how to paint my toenails
  • Garnier Nutrisse hair color in a box
  • I have listened to all the podcasts
  • My husband’s Zoom meetings
  • Memes, so many f***ing memes
  • Game nights are a scam
  • There are exactly 100 steps to the elevator
  • People seem unable to grasp the concept of six feet
  • I am going to have to restrain myself from carrying a yardstick
  • My husband hates omelets
  • We have five dozen eggs
  • I have seen all the HGTV
  • The mask fogs my glasses
  • I never used to know what Door Dash was
  • We are out of peanuts
  • Even Judy Woodruff’s roots are showing
  • Droplets–we have to consider droplets
  • We have five dozen eggs
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