Yesterday I sanitized the house. I made an egg dish that I have never tried. I changed the bed, did some floor exercises, and binge listened to a podcast. I got bored, and this was just day one.

Today, I am getting my first grocery delivery from Whole Foods via Amazon. I have my Clorox solution ready to hose everything down with before it comes into the apartment. I am doing some Netflix research for movies to watch. I will rummage through the freezer to decide which of my stockpile to make for dinner tonight.

I take great comfort in the fact that just about every sane person in America is staying home, too. I love going on Facebook and comparing notes with all my social media contacts to see what they are doing, cooking, reading, and planning.

This may go on for a long, long, time. I wonder how we will all fare, keeping our distance. Will we go crazy and forget the WHO and run riot into the streets out of sheer desperation to connect with another human? Will we say “The hell with it, if I die, I die,” and go out to eat? Or will we be good, moral citizens and hunker down, perhaps saving a life or two by isolating ourselves. This is a new world we are living in.

Right now, it is novel and exciting, like an extended snow day. I have a book to write. A cat. A very nice husband. But I wonder how I will be after two weeks at home. What it will be like to be a recluse.  Oh, wait-there is a BOOK ABOUT THAT!

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