Summer here at home base. What are we up to, besides the usual?

Insomnia: I have discovered a whole new world of soothing videos that put me right to sleep. Honestly, this is one of the best things that I have ever found. However, many of you out there will think I am 1) Very strange, indeed 2) Out of my mind 3) Or oversharing. But here goes, anyway. Remember Bob Ross, the vastly untalented artist whose TV show became a cult classic? Do you know why? It was because he whispered and drew very slowly and soothingly. His fans didn’t want to learn how to paint; they watched him (and still do, thousands of them) because he was so very relaxing. This phenomenon has a scientific name-ASMR. This stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response. To those like me who are susceptible, watching soothing people do things can induce relaxation and ease you right into sleep. There is an entire YouTube channel devoted to this. So I watch them before I go to sleep. Here are some favorites

  • Watching a woman make toast and tea for a half hour. Honest.
  • Watching that same woman read a magazine. Very slowly.
  • And there is a video in which a person shows off all of her collection of nail polish.

Don’t laugh. Ok. Laugh, but you might want to try it if you are reading this blog at three a.m.

Birdwatching: I sit by my window in stealth mode, iPhone camera at the ready, pretending to be a wildlife photographer. So far, I have had little luck taking good shots of the adorable finches at my feeder. But a Facebook friend had a great suggestion, which I am going to try. She went online to a fancy bird identification site, and printed out a picture of a beautiful local bird that she had not had any luck photographing. She cut it out carefully. Then she went outside with a roll of Scotch Tape, taped the photo to the branch of her Dogwood tree, and took some breathtaking shots, which she then posted proudly on Facebook. No one was the wiser. Until, I guess, she told me in a Facebook comment. Never mind. I am SO trying this!

Cooking: Yeah, not happening.

Gardening: Ditto above.

Writing a novel: I am embarking on my third! So excited, because this time I actually have a plot line IN ADVANCE! Great strides in literature at my house.

Napping: Always ongoing.

I have to go now. There is a cardinal sitting on my bird feeder. Getting my scissors and some tape…

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