I have been operating this blog for about four years. I, like all bloggers in the beginning, was completely obsessed with how many people were actually looking at my site. I went to the “blog statistics” site almost hourly, and was alternately thrilled or depressed about my numbers. This lasted for a few months, and then I got on with things.

It occurred to me recently that I now have absolutely no idea if anyone reads my blog. I blithely publish my posts, and then get on Twitter or Facebook to tell everyone what I am wearing. So I thought that it might be a good idea to check to see just how popular I have become in four years of blogging.

So I logged on to the “analytics” site that I subscribe to. I guess that they, like everybody else, upgrade their site periodically, so it looked completely different to me than it did four years ago. But I was immediately struck with how much my readership had changed over the years. So I called out excitedly to my husband.

ME: Hey, guess what? I am incredibly famous now, and I didn’t even know it!

HIM: Huh?

ME: OMG. Can you believe this? Over 300,000 people visited my site last year! And even more exciting, I have fans ALL OVER THE WORLD.

HIM: What are you talking about?

ME: Well, for starters, I had about two hundred thousand readers in India!

HIM: India? Are you thinking of Indiana?

ME: No! It says right here that I have fans by the thousands in India. OMG. And apparently they find me hilarious in Bangladesh. I have three thousand readers there…

HIM: No way. People in Bangladesh have much more on their minds than to read your blog about exfoliating and the fact that you now have chin hair.

ME: The numbers don’t lie. Gee, maybe I should start charging for guest posts.

HIM: (coming over to my desk and reading over my shoulder) You know, you should take a course in reading graphs and spreadsheets. Actually, you should take a course in reading, period. That chart you are looking at is the EXAMPLE. Scroll down the page—yeah, here are your stats.

ME: Oh.

So while my popularity has grown, I am very disappointed in all of you out there in India and Bangladesh.

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