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My daffodils are blooming. I am in short sleeves. It’s mid-March. I just love global warming.

In Ohio, we can love it, because we don’t get hurricanes or floods, we escaped the blizzards this year, and although it wasn’t a white Christmas, it was so nice not to have to wear our coats a lot of the time. We don’t envy the people who go to Florida for the winter any more.

I am making asparagus for dinner. So Springy. It’s warm enough to have a salad for supper, even. I hauled out my capri pants from the back of the closet. We may put the screen in our bedroom window, so we can crack the window at night. We took the heavy quilt off the bed.

Neighbors are starting to take walks now, and so we can stand at the edge of our yard and discuss Donald Trump and Hillary with everybody. Some of us have wondered if we should move to Canada if Trump wins. My husband goes in and brings beers out to hand around. It’s just grand. Except for the Trump part.

If it gets cold again, I will have to run around the yard picking all the daffodil buds, so that at least I can have one bouquet before they get zapped–I have had to do this in past years. But I sure hope that won’t be the case this time around.

The lilacs have buds, and the magnolias are almost open. If it gets cold again, we will all be plunged into the depths of despair. But tonight, we are having asparagus, so all is well for now.

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