Special Announcement

I know, you are expecting the usual hilarious, insightful, and artfully written blog post from yours truly. But just this once, instead of the usual fare, I would like to tell you a little bit about a different web site, with different writing in it, also by me.

“Characters in Search of a Novel” is an anthology of “micro fiction” that I am writing as an online book, “micro chapter” by “micro chapter.” It is a collection of character studies of assorted people I have been imagining over the years. Each micro story is under a thousand words. I plan to publish these in a book, but in the meantime, I am posting them on my new web site http://www.charactersinsearchofanovel.com . This site also has a store, where you can buy T shirts, mugs, aprons, etc. featuring my eccentric creations.

Please stop by and visit! A new micro story will be added twice monthly. Subscribe to the feed, so you won’t miss anything! I will continue to write my usual column here, as well as at http://www.momswhoneedwine.com. Thank you all for supporting me and my writing!

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