I have an announcement to make to those of you who didn’t hear me shouting from my rooftop the other day. I am so happy to tell everybody who will listen that I GOT A BOOK DEAL!

Here is what happened: I published my own book of character sketches, called Characters in Search of a Novel. It was fun to do, and it made me realize that maybe I could write a novel. So I did. It was terrible.

In the meantime, a very kind publisher became aware of my work, and he began to encourage me to keep on trying t0 produce a novel, even though my first one lacked a lot of things, mainly a plot. Lou Aronica and The Story Plant (http://thestoryplant.com/) publish wonderful fiction by terrific writers, and Lou believed in me enough to mentor me through the process, which took a couple of years.

But now I can announce that my Young Adult/Crossover novel, Finding Fletch, will be published by The Story Plant! I am thrilled and proud, and I hope many of you will read the book when it comes out!

Here is a little synopsis:

All Mandy Heath wants to do is get ready to enter tenth grade and learn from her best friend how to dress right and attract boys. But when her mother pulls Mandy aside and enlists her help to find a mystery man named Frank Fletcher, the summer turns into a madcap adventure of Google searches and clandestine road trips. As Mandy tries to make sense of the chaos, the convoluted history of her parents’ lives begins to unravel. Matters escalate when a long-held secret is revealed that threatens to tear apart Mandy’s family and destroy her older brother.

Hilarious, insightful, wry and quirky, Mandy’s story is a whirlwind journey that proves adults can mess up just as much as their kids, and that nothing is more powerful or important than the bonds of family and forgiveness. 

I will keep you posted!






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