The simple fact of the election has not erased what is going on here.

Although half of us are relieved and rejoicing, the other half seethes. We are disease-ridden, locked in, angry, exhausted, and we face a very long and dark winter.

What comes after is anyone’s guess. I am hopeful that the new administration can make some inroads in the divided nature of our country, but I would be a fool to think that the election will solve it.

I am not a pundit. I am not an optimist, either. Anything I have to say right now is neither wise nor remarkable. So I will wait, hopeful that before inauguration day we will make some inroads into reconciliation. Many of us, myself included, will find it hard to forget the last four years of disinformation, hatred, and incompetence at the highest level. But I am compelled to try.

There is a long road ahead of us.

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