I quit social media during the worst of the pandemic and the Trump administration, when all social media did for me was to plunge me further into emotional turmoil. I did not leave Instagram, however. Like the guys who subscribe to Playboy for the “articles,” I stayed on Instagram for the pictures.

One thing I don’t get, though, is all of the people who feel that they must post pictures of themselves at least four times a week. I am not talking about “influencers,” whose selfies sell products.

I am talking about regular people like me, who seem to want to share their every move with everyone on Instagram. They selfie at the gym. At lunch with a friend. In their bedroom, sitting on the bed so we can see what they are watching on the tv behind them. Sitting on the patio, drink in hand. Reading a book.

I see folks in bathing suits, robes, costumes, and aprons.

They always smile. They stand in front of their flower gardens, beside their fire pits, and lean against their cars. They do closeups. They must have tripods as well,  because they also do full body shots.


Is it because they feel that unless they document their lives this way, they don’t really have lives? Do they feel validated by the number of “likes” they get? It is a mystery to me. My eye bags preclude selfies, unless I use photoshop, and that takes WAY TOO MUCH TIME. In order to make myself presentable for a selfie, I have to put on makeup, find a good place to stand with good light, snap the pic, and then spend at least ten minutes on photoshop erasing all the eye bags, adding a row of long eyelashes, smoothing over my skin, and putting an artificial  gleam in my eyes.

So why do these folks do this?

The bigger question, I guess, is why am I still there on the ‘gram,’ scrolling through their photos?

Full confession: I am really on Instagram for the cat photos. What? How often do I post one of my cat? *clears throat* Well, just about four times a week…

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