What I am doing on my summer vacation, by Molly Campbell, age none of your business

Well, we packed up the car. My husband insisted on a cooler filled with drinks, and a bag with cookies and salted nuts, microwave popcorn, and cheese crackers, “just in case.” We haven’t touched it. We fill the cooler with new ice every day, though.

We visited St. Louis. It has wonderful neighborhoods, all lively and interesting, all architecturally distinct. The restaurants are wonderful. The Arch gave me a little vertigo. At one corner, we saw a short lady walking two Irish Wolfhounds. It was a perfect study in opposites.

We stayed in Kansas City with friends who have known us for years and years. They showed us around their city, although getting out the door each day was a saga. Apparently these two lose their car keys on a daily basis. In Kansas, we saw the famous statue of the Pioneer Family. My friend told me that it was “the most embarrassing statue she has ever seen.” Well, it did look as if the pioneer wife wasn’t wearing a top.

Barbeque in Kansas City is legendary. We had some. I loved it, and the coleslaw was to die for. I managed to pass on dessert. I am trying to make it through the vacation wearing the same size pants as when I started. This challenge rivals any Olympic category, I swear to you.

Right now, I am somewhere in the middle of Iowa. We are leaving soon to see more cornfields, and something called “The Grotto of the Redemption,” which also has a snack bar–and then it’s on to Minneapolis. I will keep you posted.

I am just hoping that there won’t be any pie in Minneapolis…

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