This is a departure from my regular fare.

I have anxiety. It comes and goes, but it has been there since childhood.

I am just now learning how to deal with it. It will take time, but I am encouraged by recognizing  how many other people have anxiety as well. There are so many kinds: panic disorders, social anxiety, agoraphobia, health anxiety, OCD, PTSD, phobias. The list is endless.

What I am so grateful for is social media, which opens the door to helpers and experts in the field of managing anxiety. I have learned to my relief that having anxiety is not a defect or indication of personal weakness, It is simply a disorder that can be managed. There is therapy available specific to anxiety disorders. Webinars. YouTube videos. Podcasts. If you need support, it is all around you.

Admitting to having anxiety can be humiliating for some, embarrassing for others, and simply impossible for many. So I am going out on a limb here by admitting my own.I share this just in case one of you who might read this blog might also have some sort of anxiety, and need some company, some reassurance that you can manage, or even just some recognition. I am right here with you.

We can manage. We can live with anxiety. We can move on. No matter how long anxiety has plagued us.

I send out hugs to all. And one for me.

Enter “anxiety” in the YouTube search bar for so many informational and helpful videos on how to manage your anxiety.

THE ANXIOUS TRUTH is a fantastic podcast you can get on any podcast platform. Check it out.

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