It’s two days before Christmas. I have already exceeded my caloric allocation for the entire month of December. There are little snips of ribbon strewn all over the bedroom floor. We have run out of  wrapping paper twice.  I have had a few too many glasses of wine, but that seems to make the entire house look a little shimmery. What a great week this has been!

I want to wish all my friends the very best for the coming days. I am taking a holiday hiatus at this point, to finish shopping for stocking stuffers and buy a turkey. That Christmas Eve party isn’t going to start itself, and so I need to arrange the furniture, set out the cocktail napkins, and fill a few bowls with mixed nuts. Oh, yes, and I have read all the advice columns by the party mavens, who recommend that you have a pre thought out seating arrangement. This may take a big bite out of my time tomorrow.

So all of you have a wonderful holiday. Hug your children. Wear those socks with the polar bears on them. Put on the red sweaters, and drink lots of eggnog.

I will be back after Christmas, and you can bet that as I open my gifts on Saturday, I will be thinking of all of you and sending my love.  If you want to think of us here at the Campbells, picture this:

Five normal adults, five cats, one dog. A lovely tree. Presents. And one very happy accordion player,  wearing a Santa hat, riffling through sheet music, looking for that “perfect” song.

 Merry Christmas from us to you!

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