I have a love/hate relationship with the Fall. It is glorious, the leaves gold, orange, and red–almost blindingly bright in the sunlight. Breathtaking.  There is so much to look forward to. Thanksgiving, brisk walks scuffing through piles of leaves, reading a book in front of the fire. Then comes Christmas, with all of its delights.

But I have issues. I haven’t even begun to assemble stuff for Thanksgiving dinner, and yet there are Christmas commercials on television. Christmas commercials have a tremendously buoying effect on me. I get all excited, sugarplums dance in my head, I feel all warm and cozy looking at those professional actors pretending to be happy families. I love their table settings. I think their Christmas trees are so perfect. They all wear pajamas that match, and the children are perky and they never seem to poke one another or the dog.

I watch these commercials, and I get so excited for Christmas, I can hardly stand it. No matter that there are what, seven weeks to go? It doesn’t seem like that long, really.

However, by the time it is actually Christmas season, I am sick to death of the damn Christmas carols, the damn chipper matching-pj families, the perfect trees, the sleigh bells, and the overpriced merchandise these commercials are touting.

Yes. The damn Christmas marketers have caused me, once again, TO PEAK TOO EARLY. My Christmas enthusiasm has long ago died down, I am ready to take the tree down on December 23, and I dread cleaning up all that gift wrap and ribbon detritus. Christmas dinner is a damn CHORE. I am sick of St. Nick.

I am willing myself to slow down this year. To try to put Christmas out of my mind until December first. I am going to fast-forward through all those commercials. I am going to simmer down.

Don’t get me STARTED on the catalogs…

Happy Thanksgiving.


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