FullSizeRenderHe is two years old. Here are the things he can do and say:

  • He knows that he is Charlie and that his grandfather has the same name. So he calls his Grandpa CHARLIE CAMPBELL Just to distinguish between the two. When Grandpa was running errands, he raised his head and piped, “Where did Charlie Campbell go?”
  • He knows the names of every single Thomas the train engine, including Snowy Gilbert, which slays me.
  • He removes his socks at every opportunity.
  • He has been told that the basement is off limits. So he informs us that “It is scary down there.”
  • His father pretended to call him as Santa on Christmas Eve, so that every subsequent time the phone rang, he shouted, “IT’S SANTA!”
  • He likes to run in circles around our downstairs, shouting “DYNOWAAAAAY!”
  • I babysat one afternoon. He comforted himself by whispering “Mommy will be home soon” under his breath.
  • He loves “tubber time.”
  • He cried on Santa”s lap. Smart little boy!
  • He told me that he loves me. My heart melted.
  • He wondered every single morning if it was “Chrimmas time?”
  • He has the most charming grin.
  • He loves dill pickles.
  • He is extremely chipper.
  • Whenever we put his coat on, he asked if we were going to a restaurant. Apparently, he has a very active social calendar back in California.
  • He told me there were two rainbows on my screensaver. Accurate.
  • He has absolutely no trouble going up and downstairs, but says “Hold on!” as he grabs the bannister.
  • He goes to bed without a peep.
  • But he stays up VERY late, because at Crimmas time, he gets sort of WOUND UP.
  • He is so much like his mother.

Saying goodbye to him was torture.

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