People who have the courage to just stop what they are doing and start all over are heroic, in my opinion. Reinventing oneself is unbelievably courageous. Once most of us are on a path, living in a place, doing a job, and making a living, that is it—whether we are happy or not.

So it was with great admiration that I watched the latest episode of House Hunters International. Wow. I had to share it with my husband.

ME: This is amazing! A woman who was a corporate lawyer in Perth just quit her job and moved to an adorable, tiny apartment in Paris. And she began a new career.

HIM: (barely looking up from his laptop, where he loses himself in the depths of the internet daily) Huh?

ME: Yeah. And so now she is giving dinner parties for a living.

HIM: (with a bit more interest–actually making eye contact) Dinner parties? What do you mean, for a living? 

ME:  Well, apparently, she advertises that you can pay money to come over to her house with a bunch of your friends, and she will throw you a dinner party, with wine pairings and everything. So this is what she does for a career, now. This sounds fun.

HIM: Fun? For you? What are you talking about? You hate to cook!

ME:  But I can cook. And if people paid me to do it, instead of having to slave away in the kitchen for free for thirty years for a bunch of thankless slobs, it might be great.

HIM:  Name one recipe. Oh, yeah: chicken with curry powder and mushroom soup. Hmm. Tough wine pairing. Maybe cooking sherry. Dessert. Popsicles?

ME: Come ON! I make delicious (pause)

HIM:  Submarine sandwiches? Good with Chardonnay, perhaps?

ME: I can make really good macaroni and cheese.

HIM: And if the partygoers have to go to the bathroom? This new career would entail cleaning.

ME: Oooh. And good china. Which you can’t put in the dishwasher. Linen napkins. Wineglasses. Oh, man.  This attorney doesn’t know what she is getting into.

HIM: And what would you charge for one of these soirees? I guess if you served the macaroni and cheese, you would save—no meat. But you would still have to cover your ingredients, all that Comet for cleaning the bathroom, and of course, you would have to buy some cloth napkins. Everything would have to be high quality. So you would have to use Gruyere. Flowers for the table. And of course, the wine. Pricey! And rent on your Paris digs? Factor that in. Tough ROI.

ME:  But this woman looked so happy. They showed her at her first dinner, and she was giggling while pouring the wine. And I think I heard her say she would join them for dessert.

HIM:  Of course. She probably served profiteroles. Those are kind of like popsicles. You would have to make your own popsicles with exotic fruit, like pomegranates.

ME: Stop it with the popsicles! I would serve a nice dessert! Oh. Well.  I guess it would have to be something a little more gourmet than brownies. You may be right about this. But PARIS.

HIM: Look.  I would try it here, first. See if you can make a go before you pull up stakes for Paris.  Put an ad up on the bulletin board at the grocery: NOW HOSTING MACARONI AND CHEESE NIGHTS. ONLY FIFTEEN DOLLARS A HEAD. WINE AND POPSICLES INCLUDED. 

Now if I can come up with a good appetizer (something kind of experimental with Tostitos), I will be in business.

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