I can’t believe that

  • I just had to order another round of KN95 masks
  • Also, 2 packs of Clorox wipes
  • We are actually flying on a plane soon

Omicron, my God

So. Protocols for seeing our children and grandkids at Christmas:

  • Per Dr. Fauci, don’t panic. Xanax, CHECK.
  • Wipe down arms and seats of any chair you sit in at the LONG layover in Dallas. CHECK.
  • Switch masks often, and wash hands or use sanitizer after each switch. CHECK.
  • Don’t panic. Take another Xanax if necessary. CHECK.
  • Try not to get near anybody. Hah. TRY. CHECK.
  • Eat a lot before you go, because you won’t be eating on the plane, because keep masks on at all times. CHECK.
  • Wipe down your tray with sanitizer, or keep it in the upright position the whole flight. CHECK.
  • Don’t panic. Remember that Dr. Fauci says he is also flying this Christmas. CHECK.
  • Enjoy sitting in First Class, where the seats are further apart. CHECK.
  • Try not to think about your husband, who is NOT sitting in first class because he never panics, and just pray he remembers to do use his hand sanitizer. CHECK.

Jump for joy as soon as you land in Burbank.


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