While finishing the first round of edits to my next book, I took a sip from a mug of coffee. I  looked at the mug. It was a great design. I designed it! It occurred to me that since I have an online shop containing an absolute trove of personally designed items from clothing, to bedding, to framed art pieces, to mugs, to phone cases, maybe it would be a good idea to tell somebody about it. Word of mouth sells stuff. That is what I have heard.

So as you can see from the examples above, there is a lot of stuff that you can get from my store. So far, I am my own best customer, but that can be remedied if you decide that you just have to have an item!

My shop is located at

Society6 runs sales and promotions all the time. Oh, one more thing: you can commission me to do a design for you, but you must keep in mind that I am not a trained artist, and I can’t do portraits, or any other type of representative art, because my talents are limited. If interested, use the contact form on this site to get in touch with me. Keep your expectations low, and I am sure you will be satisfied!

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