Oh, the holidays! So festive and fun.

I am going to be honest, here. I have a pet peeve that I want to air, now that so many are having holiday feasts. It’s about dessert.

Who thinks it is all right to have, for instance, a piece of pie with one dollop of whipped cream on it? Say about one tablespoon? Or a lovely fruit cobbler with a tiny scoop of ice cream atop it?

Who does this? Restaurants and the magazine food stylists, that’s who. A dessert with a huge scoop of ice cream or at least a fourth of a cup of whipped cream on it doesn’t look “classy.”

But desserts that look classy taste dry. While I am on the subject of dry, those little lava cakes surrounded by custard sauce are dry, too. They need at least a double dose. It is the holidays, for heaven’s sake, and we all need to let loose and enjoy ourselves, because we have survived the PANDEMIC.

My God, the same goes for gravy. The tiny dribble is simply not enough. Gravy should drench everything it is poured on, so that when you are finished eating what it was covering, you can mop up the remaining gravy on your plate with bread. There ought to be gravy remains.

We have isolated, masked, vaccinated, stayed home, boosted, distanced, and been lonely.

We need enough toppings, for God’s sake.

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