This has been a tough week. Suicides, a bully POTUS, world events that assault from all sides. Some wise people suggest that the only way to get through it is to turn off the television, stay off social media altogether, light some candles, and withdraw into some safe emotional place.

I can’t do that. I would become even more anxious if I didn’t know what was happening out there. I couldn’t wake up each day wondering if somebody had shot somebody else, or if a bomb might go off, or if a powerful man somewhere had abused a less powerful woman.

I have no personal power to end any of this. I have no answers. I like to believe those who tell us that this is just an aberrant period in history, and that “this too, shall pass.” I not only like to believe those pundits, but I cling to their words.

In times like this, when all else fails, I hug a cat. 


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