I have been blogging faithfully for years. I have raked my family over the coals, commented on current trends in housing, embarrassed my husband more times than I can count, discussed world crises, and admitted to my own foibles.

And finally, after weekly postings for all of those years, I have run out of things to say. I sat down here at my desk, sighed, and came up blank. This has never happened. I am a little shocky. Is this writer’s block? Am I finished? Is my imagination drying up?

First, I considered talking about things that most people like, but for some reason, I don’t: salmon. It looks so delish, but takes so damn FISHY. I don’t get it. And is kale something that everybody lies about liking? Just to be in the in-crowd? But then I decided against a salmon and kale column. Too limiting.

Then I thought about all of those people snowed in up in New England. They must be going out of their minds. I bet there will be a lot of babies born nine months from now. Yup. I got nothing more on that subject.

Well, what about cooking? I find it  ironic that I gave my Crock Pot away last winter, because everything I made in it tasted boiled, and suddenly there are thousands of delectable sounding Crock Pot recipes on my Facebook feed. Boring.

Brian Williams is a liar. I was so surprised about that. Then I remembered that I once told everybody that I nearly drowned in the bathtub, when in actuality, it was the sink, and I was rinsing my hair and inhaled some shampoo, but it didn’t make a very good story. So that’s enough on lying.

I haven’t seen many of the Oscar nominated movies. I watched the Grammys, but had no idea who Sam Smith was, and nobody else on that show looked vaguely familiar, so I changed the channel.  Boyhood took twelve years to watch. That is about it on the awards. Nothing there.

Sooooo, this has been my week in review. I am optimistic that this isn’t actually writer’s block, but merely a small blog hiccup. See you next week, when I am hoping to be chock full of ideas. Maybe I will buy a new Crock Pot.

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