I worked in retail once. I hated it. Making change was a challenge, and my customer service skills ran sort of thin by the end of the day. My feet ached. And behind the scenes in the stockroom, chaos reigned–it was my job to sort socks into matching pairs after customers had ripped the packages apart. My career was dismal.

I love writing, and you would think that since I have book revisions due back at my publisher by the end of September, that would be enough, wouldn’t it? OF COURSE NOT.

It makes total sense to me, that in the midst of “showing, not telling,” (you can Google that), “killing my darlings” (ditto), and making sure that my participles don’t dangle, I should choose this exact time to open my own INTERNET STORE. You heard that right. I have decided to gather together some of my most popular drawings (according to my Facebook friends, who are completely reliable) and offer them up to the public in the form of note cards, refrigerator magnets, baby bibs, wall clocks, and hoodies. Well, actually, not the hoodies. I will have to add them later.

My shop, is up and running. You can look on the right column of this page for a little rendering of Veggies and Herbs, and if you click on that, or on the link I just put in this very sentence, you will be instantly transported to my little store! Just think of the possibilities! Birthday gifts! Hostess gifts! Holiday gifts! Just plain gift gifts! Or, you can just buy yourself something!

I am not a great setter up of web pages, so my little store is plain and simple. No frills. But as time goes on, I will get better at doing this stuff. As soon as my novel is safely in the hands of my editor. Then I might get fancy. In the meantime, I will change up the offerings periodically, and there will be seasonal merchandise as well. In case you are worried about my skills in packing and shipping, you needn’t worry–all that is done by the experts. I will not be stuck in my basement, entangled in bubble wrap and packing tape, calling faintly for help.

I hope you will visit the shop, as I hope to earn a few bucks for doing my own holiday shopping. And so far, my very best customer has been myself.

Who wouldn’t want a set of cat notecards? Or a nice teacup wall clock?

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