HIM:  Are those your new glasses?

ME:  Yes! What do you think?

HIM:  Those look identical to your old ones.

ME:  No, no. The old ones were more square, and they had pink on the edges. These have green.

HIM:  But you couldn’t see the pink part. And you can’t see the green, either. So they are the same.

ME: NO. These have more tortoise shell. Really, you have no fashion sense. I like these better.

HIM: You look the exact same. I bet not one person today will say, “Hey, are those new glasses?”

ME:  Well, for sure, no men will.

HIM:  Why did you need new glasses, by the way?

ME:  I was tired of the old ones. I wanted to change things up.

HIM:  Thank God you aren’t that adventurous, or I might not recognize you. You are the woman who has had the same hair style for forty years, after all. I guess your choice of specs is understandable.

ME:  You are the person who has worn corduroys and flannel shirts for forty winters, but let’s not get snarky.

HIM:  Snarky? Isn’t that dried beef?

ME:  I rest my case. My glasses case.

So here is the proof. These glasses are completely different. If you are a woman.


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