Fall. The air is crisp, the apples are good again, and for me, it’s a liberation.

I no longer need pedicures. Closed shoes, you know.

This is both economically freeing and personally liberating, because a good pedicure costs more than $40, and doing my toes myself due to the pandemic is hard on my knees–all that bending to try to bring my toenails close enough to my eyes to apply the polish without getting it all over the skin on my toes.

I wonder if anybody else lets things go in the fall. Leg shaving? Shaving other areas?

I like fall for other reasons, too. I can’t imagine living in a place where the seasons don’t change. My LA daughter never sees the leaves turn colors. Granted, she and her family can sit outside to eat supper almost all year round, but since my husband believes that food spoils almost instantaneously if you carry it outside, we never eat out on the balcony anyway.

Cozies? Hygge? Candles? I love all those things. However, since moving to this brand-new apartment, the thermostat keeps the place exactly at the temp that you set; thus eliminating the need for sweaters or robes or anything. When it says it is 72 degrees in here, that is exactly what it is in every single nook or cranny. In the house that we lived in for thirty years, the thermostat was in the entry hall. So yes, it was nice and warm in the entry, but when you went upstairs, sweaters were not optional after October 30.

Fall means comfort food. Soups, chili, and food covered in gravy. Now that my husband has taken over the cooking, we will see what pans out (pun actually intended.) He is turning out to be a much better cook than I ever was, so I am looking forward to winter for that reason. And sidebar: He takes time in plating the food so it looks just like the pictures on the recipes, whereas I just schlepped it onto plates and slid them onto the table. A lot has changed gastronomically.

So. Fall. The leaves. The soups. The “fall back” early sunsets. It’s catalog season, too. I love looking at all the sweaters. I do wonder, however, if cashmere will go out of style, what with global warming and menopause.

I can’t even imagine what eating soup while wearing a sweater would be like, but I know it wouldn’t be any fun at all.

And the flannel sheet sets? Are those just for people who live in North Dakota?

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