I would like to give away a copy of my book to one of my tens of blog readers who have followed me for a long, long time. I feel I need to “pay it forward.”

Keep the Ends Loose is a Young Adult/Crossover novel. This means that it has a fifteen-year-old narrator, but I wrote it for both young and grown-up readers. It is humorous, a little bit insightful, and quirky. Certainly not a serious read. Good for plane, vacation, or “take a break from War and Peace for something light” reading.

So. Here goes. If you would like to enter to win a SIGNED copy of my book, you need only use the contact tab in the black bar across the top of this blog! Just shoot me an email saying why you want to win a copy of my book! I will choose the most original entry! The contest begins today, and will be over at midnight, Saturday, March 21!

And for the rest of you who have already read Keep the Ends Loose? I would be THRILLED if you would post an Amazon review! Thank you!

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