Happy New Year! What am I up to, you wonder?

I am working on my next novel. It is so cold here right now, there are very few distractions. So I sit in front of the fire, writing.

I thought I would give you a small glimpse of the work in progress. Here are the first seven lines:

“Mom. You can’t become a recluse all by yourself.” Her back was to me, and as she rifled through her closet, grabbing everything black, I could count the vertebrae in her spine through her thin jersey pajama top.

“I cannot face the world.” She twisted around and flung three nearly identical Diane Von Furstenberg wrap numbers onto her bed. “None of these will do.” She puffed air through her lips in disgust. “Of course these won’t do-nobody prepares to lose their wife-nobody keeps the perfect funeral attire hanging in the back of their closet!”

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