All the good stuff is over. Christmas is over. New Year’s Eve is over. The fun part of winter-the part where we are excited for snow and the holidays-that’s over. The election is over, and 65 + million of us think the world as we know it might be over.

This is the time when days are unbearably short. The furnace is on all the time, so everybody has dry, itchy skin. Cabin fever. Crockpots and Instant Pots bubble along on all the countertops, because STEW. It’s hard to roll over in bed, because all the cats and dogs are on there with you.

This is the time of year when I wish my husband liked to play games. In all of my favorite books, when the holidays and all the good stuff are over until Spring, couples sit in front of the fireside and play Whist (I have no idea what that is), Pinochle, Cribbage, or Scrabble. Or they put together a huge jigsaw puzzle. It’s cozy and brings out conversation, emotional connection and subdued laughter. It’s a fantasy.

Over here, one of us sits by the fire, all right. Looking down at either an iPhone or Mac Book Air. The other one sits in a chair, glued to yet another device. No conversation. No eye contact. Occasionally, somebody murmurs something, turns on a video, or coughs.

I suggested a rousing game of Dominoes just last evening, and my spouse looked at me incredulously and asked if I was okay. I sighed. Then I looked down at my phone and played a few rounds of Solitaire.

Yup. The good part of Winter is truly over. Anybody out there know how to play Whist? Is it fun? Do men like it? Wait. How do you play Poker?




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