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I am inside. It is winter. The fire is roaring in the fireplace. We might have coq au vin for dinner. But probably not, because that would require a trip to the store, and it is the kind of cold out there that the weather people say will give you frostbite.

On days like this, it is best to keep busy in the house. Here are some of the things that I could do inside the house today. The coq au vin. Dust. Run a load of laundry. Get out the lemon oil and rub down all the wooden furniture; it does look sort of dry around the edges. Root through the closets for Goodwill donations. Vacuum the stairs. Get down on all fours and give the linoleum in the kitchen a good going over. Go through the medicine cabinet for expired medications, and then wonder how to dispose of them ecologically, shrug, and then put them back. Give myself a pedicure.

None of that sounds fun. Here is what does sound fun: Having a new puppy. Winning the Pulitzer Prize. Discovering a Picasso sketch in the attic. Ordering new shoes online. Seeing an announcement that due to popular demand, there will be three more seasons of Downton Abbey. Having a new kitten. Getting a phone call from my doctor telling me that he was wrong; I SHOULD eat sweets. Finding a twenty dollar bill in the pocket of an old cardigan. Taking a nap.

There is most likely a compromise situation in order. I have to consider the options realistically, weigh the time still left in the day and the amount of true motivation that I actually possess. So I think I am going to take a twenty dollar bill out of my husband’s wallet, stick it in the pocket of my oldest cardigan for a future thrill, and then go upstairs for a nap. That’s all I have time for, really.

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