Ugh. So much bad news. Are you in a continual state of moral outrage? Or do you have outrage fatigue? You know: something happens that a year ago would have had you in a state of fury, but now you just shrug?

It’s a defense mechanism. We have to harden ourselves in order to get through the news cycle. Yes, we continue to demonstrate, write to Congress, donate, Tweet, and vote, but sometimes we have to curl up and self medicate.

Here are a few things that might help:

  • Tea, in your Grandma’s cup. If your Grandma broke all of her cups, choose a cup you like, or a mug with a pithy slogan. Sit by a window where you can see birds. Sip the tea, and remember something pleasant, like your new socks with cats on them, your first kiss, that flaky croissant, or the time at summer camp when you pushed the bully into the creek.
  • Dinner with candles. You have to wait longer for it to get dark, but candlelight is so pleasant. Turn off the lights and just have candles; I guarantee you that even leftovers seem gourmet in the dim.
  • Reread all the Anne of Green Gables books. This works for women. If you are male and reading this post, maybe the Hardy Boys?
  • Walk with a dog.
  • Walk by yourself, and pet all the dogs you meet.
  • Get a dog.
  • I can’t get a dog, so I utilize my daughter’s dog. It’s a solution.
  • Binge watch something like Poldark. Again, women.
  • Speaking of women, IDRIS ELBA.
  • Bury your face in a cat’s stomach. This requires cat ownership. So maybe, if you don’t have a cat
  • Go to the shelter and get a cat.
  • Take a break from social media. I have never tried this, but some say it is a big help.
  • Delete Facebook, if you dare.
  • Wait. Stay on Instagram and look at 1) rescue dog/cat pictures, 2) all the photos of cottages, or 3) those huge, Nutella filled cakes.

Is this what they used to call a “Listicle?” Google it. It will pass the time. Oh, and while you are at it, Google “Crusoe the Beekeeper Dog,” William Wegman Dog Photos,” or if you are female, just watch the YouTube video of Bradley Cooper and Gaga singing Shallow and conceiving a child right there on the piano bench at the Oscars. As a matter of fact, forget the bulleted list and go directly to YouTube. You’re welcome, ladies.



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