Let me describe myself. Many of you know me, but apparently many of my readers do NOT. I am an old, white woman. Well, that sounds terrible. Ok. I am an agile and active Baby Boomer, who has managed to make a lot of friends on social media, while sitting in what could kindly be called “old clothes,” while typing away on my laptop.

I live in an urban neighborhood. But wait—the architectural description of our area is “inner city suburbia,” but don’t think for one minute that there are any gangs on the street corners. No, we have petunia beds on those. Garbage strewn around? Heck, no! If you litter around here, your neighbors snub you and whisper about “citizen’s arrests.” 

I am not into cool music, either. I like Barry Manilow, for God’s sake. My husband has an accordion band. We are extremely WHITE people. 

So imagine my surprise when on my very most favorite social media site, Twitter (moves faster than a speeding bullet, and you can’t say much—so it better be good), I began to notice an interesting and kind of scary thing: I began to be followed by a group of young men. African American young men. Ones who know the meaning of “Jit,” “Beat boxing,” “creepin,” and “whip.” At first, I was confused. So were they. One of them tweeted me and asked me (respectfully, I might add) why on earth I was following him! 

What ensued was a cross cultural conversation of epic proportions, joined by friends of the original rap artists I began with. We talked about their grandmothers, my fear of what they might say about violence or drugs in their tweets, and how none of us would ever come across each other in real life. As one of them said, “This is an epic convo. I have never talked to somebody like you in my whole life. This is only possible on Twitter.” 

So true. It was the most fun I have ever had on Twitter. And the young men I tweeted with even promised to cut down on the profanity in their tweets. I scolded them for even “thinking about disrespecting young women.” They were very funny, and we had what I would call a Twitter love fest

So I am absolutely the coolest old white woman you may ever meet. I am on the cutting edge of what is happening out there!  Just ask the rappers. Or rather, MY rappers.

Gotta go chill.

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