I have been posting my thoughts and what I think is hilarious to this blog faithfully, every week, for over three years! I can’t really believe it myself! But this is the first occasion in all these months that I am going to let two weeks go by without a peep.

I feel horrible about this, but since my daughter is getting married, and since the whole event is going to be even better than the one staged for William and Kate, I feel that I must give the wedding my full and proper attention.

As a result, I have packed my suitcases full of corset-like undergarments, flowing black pants and filmy blouses. I have some Valium in case I get beside myself and can’t calm down. I have loaded my Kindle with Danielle Steele and David Sedaris. I have some cheese crackers in my purse in case the flight food is even more disgusting than in the past.

The accordion player luckily is not bringing his instrument, but I have not been able to dissuade him from the idea that his straw boater is still in style.  I also can’t seem to convince him that the father of the bride is not the star of the show!

I will give a summary of the proceedings when I return, and I only hope that my supply of Kleenex will be sufficient. I have all the bases at home covered, with a premium dog sitter and special treats for the cats. With everything taken care of, I can focus on what is really important: making sure that I don’t fall off my espadrilles going down the aisle. Don’t forget me while I am away!

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