What is happening to us? This world is so full of frightening things. I don’t need to list them; you are well aware. Add to all of this the death of a much adored pet; and, well–it is almost too much to bear.

Enter the healer. One tiny kitten, so full of courage, enthusiasm, confidence, and love that I almost cannot believe my luck in finding her so very quickly after we lost McIntosh. She is full of energy until she drops. She purrs almost constantly. She cuddles. Hattie, also known as The Hat, is an answer to a prayer; except for the fact that I didn’t say any prayers. But you know what I mean.

So. Life goes on. I can’t say that I no longer wake up in the morning filled with anxiety and dread, because I do. Are we still “sheltering in place,” for the most part? Yes. Does it fill me with fear to have an unmasked person stand within a few feet of me in my mask? Yes. Do I worry every time my husband leaves the house, that he will somehow catch IT? Again, yes.

But one small being helps. She makes us laugh as she jumps into the little box we got from Amazon and put on the floor for her. She dashes around this place like a small demon. Then she jumps up into my lap for a nap.

Who knows when and if my life will ever go back to “normal?” At our age, it just may mean that my husband and I will live the rest of our lives in masks, staying distant from others. I hope not, because that is such a bleak prospect. But. We have a very small Hat to keep us company, and that is such a hopeful prospect.

Wear your mask. Keep your distance. Stay safe.

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