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My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is the thought that just about everyone in the US is having just about the exact same menu for dinner. We all sit down around the table, filled with turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes and those awful sweet potato casseroles with the marshmallows. We say what we are thankful for. We eat way too much. Then we fall asleep watching football, or in the case of women, we face the mountain of dirty dishes and rush into the TV room to shove the men out of their stupors to help.

This year, I know many of us are trying to figure out how to avoid discussing politics, which is tough, but nobody wants a poisoned atmosphere around the table. Here are some suggestions for table talk instead:

  • Why on earth do people put giblets in stuffing or gravy? Who wants liver flavored gravy?
  • Are all the Christmas/Holiday commercials already on TV making you worry that you will peak too early before December?
  • Why do people consistently avoid using coasters?
  • Is binge watching Poldark that bad? What are the pros and cons of binge watching?
  • Should you put stuffing and cranberry sauce on turkey sandwiches?
  • For philosophers: why does fruitcake exist?
  • How do you spell the hors word for appetizers?
  • What is a second cousin once removed?
  • Did you know that one can actually eat too much fiber?
  • Is is ok to use dental floss in your car?
  • Why did Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn talk funny?

I hope this helps you to engage your guests and family in sparkling conversation. Happy Thanksgiving from our house.

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