I am taking a brief hiatus to spend time with my family over the next two weeks. I am sure there will be laughter, arguments, way too many calories, throwing gifts out by mistake with the wrapping paper, scented candles that give me a headache, and singing carols around the accordion.

So I wish you all the very best, whatever type of holiday you observe. May there be much to be thankful for in the New Year. I will see you then! Keep cozy and safe. And I thank you all (there may be thousands of you, but since I never check my statistics, there may only be ten of you) for your faithful support and readership.

While I am offline, I will, however, appear on the wonderful website, Jungle Red Writers, where I will be interviewed by the gifted mystery writer Hallie Ephron! This was a thrill for me, a great fan of every single member of the Ephron family. Look for me around January 1 at http://www.jungleredwriters.com/  See you very soon!

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