Happy and Merry

It finally happened! The new blog! While it was in the works, I bought all the Christmas gifts, decorated and wrapped, vowed to go on a diet after the holidays, binge watched a few shows, and read five books.

What I didn’t do was work on my own book, exercise frequently enough, stop worrying about the state of the world, or buy enough Scotch tape.

Do you make New Year’s resolutions? I have one. I resolve to not make any resolutions. I do  hope to be more forgiving, less anxious, more neat and tidy, and much more organized with my time in the new year.

This means less time on the Kindle, more time stirring recipes with multiple ingredients, at least four sessions on the exercise bike weekly, and more sleep. These are not resolutions, however.

So they may not come to fruition. That reminds me-I should eat more apples.


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