Thanksgiving is next Thursday. I am already exhausted from getting ready for Thanksgiving. Admittedly, I am one who always overthinks, over expects, and underperforms. It is the overthinking that leads to the underperforming.

For instance, I have read so darn many “Thanksgiving Hacks” that my head is swimming. They all sound good, but I don’t think I can do all these things:

  • Ina says to add both sour cream and cream cheese to the mashed potatoes.
  • Somebody else says to use heavy cream.
  • Put the potatoes in the Crock Pot to save space on the stove top.
  • Speaking of stove tops, you can use Stove Top stuffing mix, if you add more butter, more celery, and mix it with your regular stuffing–but that begs the question “Why use it, then?”
  • Alton Brown suggests putting your gravy in a thermos to keep it warm. A thermos is always a welcome addition to the holiday table.
  • Put the drippings in the fridge to get cold, so that the fat is easier to skim off. My question–how long does this take? The gravy will be hot because of Alton’s thermos, but the turkey will be cold. So then what? How is this a “hack?”
  • Rinse your potatoes in the dishwasher. Huh?
  • Boil cinnamon sticks and nutmeg on the stove for a “festive aroma.” Well, there goes that burner that was freed up by putting the potatoes in the Crock Pot.
  • Use Mason jars for glasses. So this means you have to buy Mason jars.
  • Spatchcock your turkey. This means you have to touch your turkey (I try to avoid a lot of turkey touching), take bones out of it or break bones or something. This sounds like something criminals would enjoy.
  • Use dishtowels as napkins. What? Why?

So I ignore the hacks and just go about Thanksgiving as I always have. I fret about it so much that on the actual day, I forget things, over cook things, under cook other things, and get snappy with everybody.

This year, MY hack will be an extra bottle or two of Prosecco.

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