Another week has passed. My thoughts are many and varied

  • I want to buy all of the items that are advertised on Instagram
  • I watched the Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma and immediately got off Facebook, but now I will never again know what every single person around the world had for lunch
  • I read an article before I left Facebook that said there are only three areas you need to wash daily, and so you don’t need to take so many showers. You know two of them. But who would have guessed that FEET was the third thing?
  • I feel sorry for the catalog people who continue to try to convince all of us who have worn nothing but leggings, sweats and pjs for months that we need to buy blazers
  • Today I put on some makeup and was stunned at how good I looked
  • This was a relief, since I thought I had aged ten years since the pandemic, when it was merely the absence of foundation and eyeliner
  • Every single person who lives in a studio apartment and has stayed there during the pandemic deserves some sort of huge award
  • Graham crackers are vastly improved with butter spread thickly upon them
  • I think Dr. Fauci sounded much more manly before he had that node removed from his vocal chords
  • My husband and I are definitely running out of things to talk about
  • I have fruit flies and so I guess I have to give up bananas
  • My husband still hates omelets
  • Pretty soon we will all run out of shows to watch on tv and will be forced to learn how to play Pinochle
  • Getting groceries online is a great way to reduce coronavirus risk, but this week I got a spaghetti squash a big bag of kale. This was a complete surprise. I wonder what the person who received my extra large bottle of Ibuprofen and the six pack of White Claw is thinking right now
  • Businesses who have had a tough time because of the Corona virus: movie theaters. Businesses that have boomed: all the Tractor Supply and Farm and Fleet stores
  • They won’t let me have a chicken in this apartment complex
  • I wish Judy Woodruff would broadcast the PBS Newshour from her kitchen instead of her study

Stay safe out there.

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