Social media is an essential part of today’s “always in touch with everybody all the time” lifestyle! Who knows when you might want to take a picture of your lunch? And what would you do with it if it weren’t for Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter? I mean, the people in Australia may have never seen a tuna sandwich on rye.

So since some of you may not know how to use social media correctly, I will proceed with a mini seminar on one of the most popular media sites, Facebook. I am assuming that my reading audience for this is somewhere in their sixties or seventies. After all, if you are younger than that, you most likely already have those Google glasses.

So here we go.

  1. Facebook is a web site for everybody on earth. You have to join up, but it is free. Just go to www.facebook.com and create an account.
  2. What? You don’t have any idea what that means? Oh. Well. Get on your computer and go to your browser and enter the web address, above. Then when you land on the Facebook main page, then you can follow the directions to create your account.
  3. Huh? You don’t know what a browser is? Ok. A browser is a generalized search engine, which allows you to find web sites by entering a site name. If you already know the URL, then you don’t need a search engine. You can just enter the URL in the browser and go directly to the web site.
  4. I’ll be darned. Well, a search engine is some sort of software algorithim thingy in which you can enter the names of the places you want to visit on the web, and it will find them for you. The most common one is Google. You know, as in “I Googled myself this morning, and I was floored at the information that came up.”
  5. I don’t know why it is called Google. It is kind of catchy, that is probably why. What? You don’t know what a URL is? Good grief. What year were you born? Well, a URL is a “uniform resource locator.” It is the code for a specific location on the web.
  6. Oh, for God’s sake! The web is the internet! You know, where everybody goes all the time to watch TV shows and get their email! Code? No, it isn’t what you used to need a Red Ryder decoder ring for. Code is the language computer programmers use to create web sites. Please tell me you know what email is.
  7. I don’t know why they call it the internet. Because maybe it is a huge WEB of interconnecting sites or networks?
  8. Back to Facebook. Once you create your account, you can search for your old grade school buddies or high school romances and “friend” them. You can also “friend” everybody in your family and share photos and information. All of the people you “friend” can see the things you post in your timeline and comment on them.
  9. Well, yes. Facebook was created as a “sharing” site. So everything you say on Facebook can be seen by all of your “friends.”
  10. But I assume that you wouldn’t post something like that on Facebook. Because it is a public forum.
  11. Only college kids do that.
  12. I see. Facebook does have privacy settings. You just go to the gear on the upper right side of your Facebook page and click on “privacy settings” to adjust them.
  13. For Pete’s sake! It’s that little icon that looks like a GEAR!
  14. Yes, I know. An icon is a symbol used in the past to represent religious figures or tenets…

You know what? I hear that you can buy a really nice digital camera these days, and then just email pictures of your lunch to your friends and family. Yes. Why don’t you try that?

A digital camera?  I have no idea what that is. And yes, I think the post office is still open. You had better hurry.

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